the year is 1983 and as our minister for magic, tom riddle, jr. passes the newest muggle protection act, it seems like the magical world is entering a new golden age.

character: alice longbottom →  open
thirty-two ⋅ former gryffindor ⋅ auror ⋅ pure-blood

Alice was born a Prewett, second cousin of Fabian, Gideon, and Molly, and the only child of her parents. She has always been a sweet girl, well liked by her fellow Gryffindors and the rest of her schoolmates. Everyone was shocked when this girl—one of the nicest girls they knew, with an even-temper, who would baby all the first years while she was prefect—decided to become an auror. But, her closest friends knew that it had been her dream since she was a little girl. All of the trainers at the Auror headquarters were surprised by the fierceness of this woman with the seemingly innocent doe eyes. Alice is now one of the department’s top Aurors. In her second year of work, she met Frank Longbottom,  a fellow Gryffindor alum two years older than her. The two were put on an assignment together, hit it off, and married three years later on their anniversary. The couple have a three-year-old, Neville, and a two month old, Jane. Alice is currently on week eight of her twenty week maternity leave. 

Face Claim: Ginnifer Goodwin ⋅ Played By: Open

character: mary macdonald →  open
twenty-four ⋅ former gryffindor ⋅ welcome witch ⋅ muggle-born

When she was young, Mary was painfully shy and had extremely low self-esteem. She was as far away from popular as you could possibly be at her muggle elementary school. At Hogwarts, she was the same way. She spent a good minute trying to convince the sorting hat that she was not bold enough to be a Gryffindor. She stuck to herself mostly and shied away from any Slytherin who might make fun of her blood status. In her fourth year, she was attacked by a group of Slytherins for being a muggle-born. The next year, Mary came back a different girl. More confident and willing to socialize. She started dating Benjy Fenwick that year and the two have been together ever since, he just proposed two months ago. Mary is currently working as the Welcome Witch at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and spends all her planning her and Benjy’s wedding.

Face Claim: Karen Gillan ⋅ Played By: Open

character: narcissa malfoy →  open
twenty-nine ⋅ former slytherin ⋅ unemployed ⋅ pure-blood

Narcissa always considered herself the best of the Black sisters. She wasn’t crazy like Bella and she didn’t get herself blasted off the family tree like ‘Dromeda for marrying a mudblood. All she wanted to do was please her parents. She wanted to marry some respectable, pure-blooded wizard and have a child or two. That was it. Cissy—as her few, close friends call her—was born to be a Slytherin. Sure, all she didn’t want much in the world, but when she wanted something, she would stop at nothing to get it. When she was younger it was little things, the biggest piece of cake, that pretty doll in the shop window, etc. When she was older, it was being her teachers favorite, dating the most handsome of the Slytherin boys. When Narcissa met Lucius Malfoy she knew he was going to be the one she married and she did everything in her power to make him notice her, want her. The two started dating her fifth year, his seventh. All of her friends were jealous of her, which couldn’t have made Narcissa happier. The two were officially engaged the night after her graduation from Hogwarts and married two and a half years later. Three years ago, the couple had their first child, a beautiful blond boy named Draco who Narcissa spoils rotten.

Face Claim: January Jones ⋅ Played By: Open

character: lily potter →  open
twenty-three ⋅ former gryffindor ⋅ healer ⋅ muggle-born

Lily Potter is one of the kindest souls you could ever hope to meet. She is caring, brave, a bit cheeky, and extremely intelligent. She grew up in a small suburb with her muggle family. When she first began to show signs of magic, she was helped through the process by a young boy named Severus Snape who would grow to become one of her closest friends. The two were devastated when they were sorted into different houses, Lily into Gryffindor and Severus into Slytherin. Lily excelled at Hogwarts, she was a star pupil and popular among her peers. She became close with her Potions Professor, Horace Slughorn, who put in a good word for her with a former Slug Club member who worked at St. Mungo’s. After her seventh year—when she finally gave into James Potter’s advances and started dating him—Lily was offered her dream job, working as a Healer. A year later when she was given her official Healers licence, James proposed and a year after that, the two were married. Then, Lily and James were blessed with a bouncing, baby boy on July 31, 1980 named Harry. Lily took to motherhood extremely well and is currently six weeks along with the couple’s second child. 

Face Claim: Lily Collins ⋅ Played By: Open